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Starting September 28th 2018!

The Long Walk is the annual coast-to-coast charity hike across the beautiful, sub-tropical island of Gran Canaria. We raise funds for our local causes and charitable organisations on the island, helping those we can to overcome challenges.  The event itself also provides unparalleled opportunities for team building, personal development and direct community action while negotiating a great sub-tropical wilderness in a safe and motivating environment.

This walk simply demonstrates that together we can all cross mountains, one step at a time.

Individuals and local businesses join us for some or all of the walk, spearheaded by founding participants TUI Travel, The Canary News, Love Gran Canaria, Afrikat Gran Canaria, Blue Explorers Dive Centre, 45photos, Ary Traduciones and many others who have joined us along the way like Music Hall Tavern, Spirit of The Sea, Sparkles Showbar,Personal Trainer Lilly Rikhter, Gran Canaria Natural & Active and members of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival a month later  (Nov 8th - 12th 2017).  This is much more than hiking!


  • Get people talking about surviving and overcoming challenges of all kinds, particularly serious illness like breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • To show that together we can cross mountains, one step at a time.
  • Showcasing the wild, natural beauty of the island of Gran Canaria.
  • Building teams and relationships that can last a lifetime
  • Getting active in a way that is open to every body, of every age.
  • To raise much needed funds and awareness for very worthy local causes, while encouraging people of all ages to challenge themselves while walking over one of the most beautiful sub-tropical islands in the world.
  • Changing Lives for the better and encouraging self belief and team spirit.
  • To nurture community and collaboration between residents, visitors and natives on Gran Canaria

Yes Together We Can!

Now in our seventh year, The Long Walk travels coast-to-coast across the subtropical island of Gran Canaria, crossing its highest peak, to help inspire others to raise funds and awareness for worthy local causes, supporting sufferers, and importantly their closest family members, in understanding how to survive and conquer serious illness and life challanges affecting men, women and children of every age.

Together we can do this!

We are very proud, once more, to be joined by adventurers from the resident English speaking community, visitors and various businesses to raise funds and awareness for these most worthy causes.

We encourage participation in as many ways as possible, whether that is sharing information, collecting sponsorship, promoting involvement or walking with us for the entire 3 day journey, just one day, a part of one day or simply cheering us on at the finish line.

We can´t do this without you.

Our message is simple:

There are times in everybody’s life we each face difficulties.

Keep Going. Never Give Up. You are not alone.

Stay focused on the beauty all around you.

Together we can cross all mountains, one step at a time.

The Long Walk 2018 – Telde – PuertoRico, over the highest mountain…

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Overcome The Challenge

We want to highlight the struggle faced by anyone fighting an uphill battle, or who has ever been diagnosed with a life threatening illness, and the importance of supporting them as a community, as well as those nearest to them, helping them overcome their own personal mountains or challenges.

YOU are not alone.

Please join us on September 30 for the Puerto Rico Walk to Amadores and back again, and ‘The Big Picture’, an image of Solidarity, and if you can in Maspalomas the following week, October 6th, for the v Caminata Contra el Cancer 'Shirley's Walk'


ACCM’s role is pivotal as a complimentary service to medical treatment. They not only deal with educating huge amounts of people with messages about prevention and early detection, but spend their very limited resources on trying to ensure the psychological and sociological needs of patients, and those closest to them, are met with love, support and understanding.  They work to ensure comprehension, acceptance of and recovery from cancer are all approached with the positive can-do attitude so necessary to help healing both physically and mentally.

ACCM are the only organisation of their type in the Canary Islands whose philosophy is comparable in many ways with the UKs much, much better funded Macmillan trust.  They really need our help to continue to grow their offering.

ACCM provides support to sufferers and their families as well as lectures in schools to help bring the issue to young people while at the same time promoting volunteerism, which is an important resource for the Association. They also offer bio-psycho-social care to patients and their families, warn about the importance of early detection of breast cancer and the importance of an annual mammogram.

The ACCM works to prevent social exclusion of women diagnosed with breast disease and cancer survivors, because sometimes they find their medical condition can lead to unpleasant situations in their daily lives.

We are walking over a mountain to support Breast Cancer sufferers. We want you to sponsor us, donate or participate, and we want you to join us.


Day 1

From an ancient capital to an ancient source

“The Long Walkers" meet at the archaeological site 'La Restinga' on the north-east Telde coast of Gran Canaria. This year's walk begins at the mouth of the Real Barranco de Telde, one of the first points of contact between the native Canarios and the Spanish and later a focal point of the Spanish conquest that followed. The long walk will follow a ravine up towards the beautiful mountain town of Valsequillo and beyond to the pre-hispanic settlement of Tenteniguada, where abundant water has always been their greatest resource, allowing crops and people to flourish for centuries among the flowers and the sweet fruits of this astounding natural haven. They will spend the night in an old rural house in the enclave of El Pedregal

Day 2

From El Roque Grande to the summit and down into a tranquil valley

After a big farmhouse breakfast beneath 'El Roque Grande' we begin our ascent to Pico de Las Nieves, climbing more than 1km in altitude to the highest summit on Gran Canaria. Then a celebratory lunch among the clouds, before we descend via one of the most epic, if lesser known, paths down from 'Las Cumbres' and into a hidden, almost forgotten, valley which holds the tranquil waters of Chira, so loved by the freshwater fishermen of the island.  There we spend our second night with views out over this vast man made lake and reservoir.

Day 3

From Chira we continue our descent, following the arid river bed, until atop a cliff's edge we will disappear into the blackness of a more than 1km long tunnel, hand chiselled straight through the mountain that separates Chira from the largest reservoir in the Canary Islands, the mammoth presa de Soria, so large in fact that it has never yet contained more than 12% of its capacity. From we will follow the mountain road through the Mogán neighbourhood of Baranquillo Andres not far from which others we hope will begin to join us for the last leg home.

The Long Walk to Puerto Rico

A large number of volunteers from various local organisations and tour operators will join The Long Walkers at around 2.30pm for the last 15km all the way down to the south west coast, where we will arrive at Centro Comercial Puerto Rico around 5.30pm to be joined by still more supporters for the 'Puerto Rico Walk' making the last 5km of our epic journey to the pristine sands of Amadores and and back again as the sun sets in to the sea, silhouetting Mount Teide in a mist of pink.

The Big Picture

A group image of solidarity from the Amadroes Sunset Viewpoint *Mirador( at the furthest point of overlooking the Tauro bay with as many people as possible gathered to send a message of love in celebration of Women, Fighters, Survivors and Families.


In 2011 an initiative from Gran Canaria's local English-language newspaper The Canary News, Views & Sunshine, El Periódico Inglés de Gran Canaria, led to a successful campaign to raise money for the local breast cancer association. Various readers from the community got involved and were inspired to create events and performances to encourage fundraising for this very worthy cause.  That year we exceeded our 1000€ target, donating more than 20,000€ to the ACCM at time when they were most in need.

The Long Walk was first founded in 2012 to support local fundraising activities among the community in Puerto Rico, bringing together two adventurous souls, Edward Timon & Sanna Nevalainen, after they made a promise to walk from Puerto Rico, on the south coast, to the famous land mark Roque Nublo, in the centre of the island, if the Puerto Rico fundraisers were able to exceed their target one more time, furthermore offering to double the distance and walk to the island's opposite coast, and the capital Las Palmas, if they managed to raise 2,000€ or more.

With the help of the English newspaper, and the support of English speakers on Gran Canaria, these adventurers left Puerto Rico with 7 others who escorted them through the night to the mountain village of Soria, and the duo finally made it to Roque Nublo, having walked nearly 50km straight, after 18 hours of roadways, trails and rough terrain. They fell in love.

The outstanding TUI Travel team, led by Mr Paul Gilliam, joined the effort the following year, as part of their annual fundraising efforts in their work on Gran Canaria to complete the promise of a coast to coast walk. Under TUI´s leadership, guidance and commitment the TUI team, and their area manager for The Canaries, Niel Heyhoe,walked with us from Maspalomas to Las Palmas, in an inspirational event that raised thousands of euros.

Several other participants joined The Long Walk for the rest of the hike coast-to-coast, including Paul and TUI's then destination services manager Jane Rasmussen, not only making it to the summit of the island but then back down the other side to the capital Las Palmas for a celebration at The British Club of Las Palmas.

Since then the event has grown from strength to strength, with a new route every year, from the north to the south, finishing at the Dunes of Maspalomas for the last 5 years and this year coming home to where this all started at The Pub in Puerto Rico where The Long Walkers are to be met by supporters and sponsors, perhaps even local politicians as well as business people of every nationality.

A big shout out should go to some our most persistent supporters and participants Blue Explorers Dive centres have sent an epic threesome every year to join us every step of the way, Julia, David & Sabrina, Afrikat have never missed an opportunity to support us financially and emotionally, Music Hall Tavern have always been eager to don a posh frock in our honour, as have Sparkles Showbar, and the Spirit of The Sea have consistently shown a spirit of solidarity with our cause. Some of TUIs finest managers and those climbing the ladders of success have returned to us year after year, notably Celina proving there is nothing dull about Belgian girls and Mr Michael Wheatly who returns this year as sober as a judge to repeat his walk across the mountain, and of course the indomitable Andy Joyce, two times Long Walker... there are many others besides...

The Long Walk and associated events, over the last six years, including the wonderfully successful Caminata Contra El Cancer, in Maspalomas, have led to more than €100,000 in donations directly to local charities, and in particular the local breast cancer association, and this in turn has spawned many other fund raising events throughout the English speaking community.

In 2017 we widened our scope, exploring the creation an official association to continue this great work and looking to include various local charities in our event.  We hope you will join us for 2018.

Video from The Long Walk 2015

Video from The Long Walk 2014



There are a number of ways you can take part.  If you want to register for The Long Walk we require you to find a minimum of 200€ to cover accommodation, food and insurance.  This must be paid before we can officially recognise you as a prospective Long Walker.

Thereafter we ask you to aim to raise as much money as you can, by letting the world know that you plan to walk over a mountain, through a wilderness, from one side of an island to another.

Your target is 1000€, but we are not so strict on this, whether you raise more or less than that figure we know that you will have positively changed the world just by joining us on our journey.  Every penny you raise is to add directly to the donation going to the charities, we want to ensure that as many people as possible know about your epic undertaking and commit to supporting the effort.

The Long Walk ( 3 Days ) : per person - This initial 200€ will need to be paid prior to confirmation.  You can have your accommodation sponsored for you to walk, but this needs to be clearly stated to the sponsor.

  • 210 € incl. shared room at Rural retreat HB + pool (Dinner with beverages) / and light breakfast / insurance
  • 235 € incl. single room in Rural retreat HB + pool (Dinner with beverages) and light breakfast / insurance
  • 200 € / shared triple room in Rural retreat HB + pool (Dinner with beverages) and light breakfast / insurance
  • Beverage package for the dinner includes: water, choice of wine or beer, coffee or tea. And perhaps some extra treats

As well as walking you can become an ambassador for the event: donate, find sponsors, help to promote the event, meet us at the various points along the route to cheer us on and of course buy one of the event T-shirts, 100% of the profits from which go directly to the charities

A great way to join in is to get yourself sponsored to do a section of The Long Walk, even if you can't do all three days.  Every leg of the way, we travel through some of the most epic unspoiled wilderness in the world.  If you think this is something you might like to do, get in touch and we can help you plan for it.

And of course we are looking for as many people as possible to meet us at Puerto Rico at 5.30pm on September 30, before The Big Picture overlooking the Sun Set Silhouette of Mount Teide, walking in solidarity with us to Amadores and back again in time to party.

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